Navy Crazy

Cover Navy Crazy Navy Crazy
by Michael Aaron Rockland

“His memoir is a very different kind of “war story,” interesting for its look at the backwardness of military medicine in those days, especially in the treatment of gays, who were regarded not only as “sick” but as “criminals.”

—Angus Kress Gillespie, Maritime Historian

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Michael Aaron Rockland

Michael Aaron Rockland

Navy Crazy is a different kind of war story depicting the backwardness of military medicine in the mid-1950s. A memoir of a young medical corpsman learning to survive on a locked psychiatric ward for Navy and Marine mental patients at the hospital on the U.S. Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan from 1955-57. Rockland captures the ward’s atmosphere, its flavor, its culture and its language. A raw personal history not filtered, not for the faint of heart.


paperback, 192 pages, $15.00
ISBN 978-1-60182-298-7

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