Red Leather Gloves

Red Leather Gloves
by B.V. Olguín

“Poetry is about transcending the subject matter, and Red Leather Gloves tells a story of courage, of the human will to survive against all odds and at any cost, of the brutal vulnerability of humanity.”

—Richard Blanco, 2013 Presidential Inaugural Poet
and author of Looking for the Gulf Motel

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B.V. Olguín

B.V. Olguín

2015 National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Tejas Foco Award for Poetry
2015 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Poetry Award, Silver Winner

2015 Texas Institute of Letters First Book of Poetry, Second place

RED LEATHER GLOVES takes us from the mean streets of the Houston’s barrios and dockside boxing stables into a dilapidated boxing arena deceptively named the Olympiad where men and boys reenact an ancient rite of passage in desperate pursuit of Olympic fame, title belts, and riches that will elude them all. Olguín writes within the visceral realism of Philip Levine and the boxing authenticity of F. X. Toole: he zeros in on these working class denizens as they train in the art of the not so sweet science of beating bodies into submission. An amateur boxer in his youth, Olguín dissects the sport with the skill of a cut-man, and his poems burst with the pain and physical toll the sport exacts.


paperback,  pages, $12.95
ISBN 978-1-60182-058-7

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