Submission Guidelines

What we publish

We publish books on the visual arts, performing arts and language arts. We are interested in both works of non-fiction and original works of fiction, poetry and drama. Works of nonfiction may be how-to books, a biography, or a work of appreciation about an artist , dramatist or writer. We are interested in authoritative works with a touch of the scholar; however, we are not interested in works over laden with block quotes and written for a very narrow audience. Original works of fiction, poetry, or drama need to be just that — original.

How to Submit

We accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors of all backgrounds. Please familiarize yourself with our publications to see if your manuscript will be a good fit. We try to review submissions on a bi-monthly basis and review them in the order of their receipt. We will give your submission full consideration; however, we cannot guarantee a personal response.

Electronic Submission

We prefer to receive submissions via email. Please use the contact form below to submit your manuscript.

Document files must be in either .pdf, .doc or .rtf format and images files must be either .pdf, .jpg or .tif format. The subject line should identify your submission as non-fiction, fiction, or poetry and contain your last name and the title of your book. Once you email your submission, you will receive an email confirmation from us.

Your submission should include

  1. Cover letter or book proposal: include a summary, page length, market research, target audience
  2. Complete resume: include professional and academic background, projects and other publications
  3. Two sample chapters of your book. A good choice would be your best chapter plus your conclusion
  4. Table of Contents including a short summary of each chapter
  5. List of supplemental assets, such as photographs, illustrations, tables, and charts, if applicable

We will not consider book proposals without the two sample chapters because an idea does not make a book. A book is a composite of subject matter, writing style and the author’s personality. Without all those components, we cannot evaluate a submission.

Final Thoughts

When you make your submission, please be sure to include your contact information. Let us know if your book is finished or when it will be finished. You must also own the rights to the work and the rights to any assets in your book you did not create.

We regret that we cannot respond to letters, phone calls, or emails requesting submission status.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.