Screen Savers II: My Grab Bag of Classic Movies


Screen Savers II
My Grab Bag of Classic Movies
by John DiLeo

“[John] DiLeo has the gift of discovering, describing, and explaining those splendid, dazzling moments in a way that makes you appreciate the movie more deeply than you would have otherwise.”
-E. McCullough, Internet Review of Books

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Screen Savers II is John DiLeo’s three-part “grab bag of classic movies,” beginning with his extensive essays about ten remarkable and underappreciated movies, as in the first Screen Savers, and representing a variety of genres and stars such as Barbara Stanwyck, James Stewart, Ginger Rogers, and DiLeo favorite Joel McCrea. Part Two collects and categorizes posts from DiLeo’s classic-film blog, containing his musings on classics revisited, sleepers and stinkers, films old and new, plus his memorial tributes to Hollywood notables. Part Three might be called a delayed bonus round to DiLeo’s 1999 quiz book, with all-new matching quizzes. Can you identify the films in which a character writes a book titled Hummingbird Hill; Fred Astaire dances with Betty Hutton; a character named Sean Regan is important but never seen?

paperback, 312 pages, $24.95
ISBN 978-1-60182-656-5

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John DiLeo briefly talks about each of the movies covered in Screen Savers: 40 Remarkable Movies Awaiting Rediscovery, starting with The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964):

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