Bones of Home and Other Plays

Book cover for Charlene Donaghy's Bones of Home Bones of Home and Other Plays
by Charlene A. Donaghy

“With plays that are intoxicating and mysterious, Donaghy has a gift for finding the truth that lurks below our eccentricities.”

—Doug Wright, Pulitzer Prize and
Tony Award winning playwright




Charlene A. Donaghy

Charlene A. Donaghy

Bones of Home and Other Plays weaves the splendor and decay of New Orleans with its past and present and then spirals out from its New Orleans center like delicate threads of a web. This collection of plays brings a broad range of writing styles with contemporary and historical plays. The contemporary plays spring forth from the questions of our times: How does the downward economy change family dynamics? How can uncontrollable crime bring people together? How does our penchant for youth at all costs influence friendships? How can a lonely soul find strength within? The historic plays complicated by Louisiana lore offer a look at what remains the same and what has changed through the years. The historic plays resonate with struggles we continue to confront today, amid themes of race, gender, and power. Donaghy embraces her characters lives, complicated by choices between disparate worlds, with care and a hunger to explore. Her characters choices are about good and evil, hope and loss, faith and doubt and often involve a search for the meaning of home.


paperback, 256 pages, $18.00
ISBN 978-1-60182-260-4

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