John DiLeo’s Ten Movies at a Time

by Jon Hansen, Publisher on December 12, 2017

Cover of Ten Movies at a TimeJohn DiLeo’s new book Ten Movies at a Time has been getting attention. It was reviewed by Daniel Bubbeo of Newsday. Bubbeo said about Ten Movies at a Time

DiLeo’s “Journey” is a nostalgic trip well worth taking.

John DiLeo was also the guest of Alice Bloom on her TV show, Town and Village Two. Alice Bloom conducts a great interview with John DiLeo, and their discussion of Ten Movies at a Time is really enjoyable! As Alice Bloom points out, Ten Movies at a Time is not only a journey through 350 movies but a historical reference.

From the advent of the talkies to the emergence of the ratings system, Ten Movies at a Time covers four decades of American movies, notably the glory days of the studio system, or, as it is more glamorously tagged, the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Through reviews of 350 representative films, author John DiLeo tells an alternative, idiosyncratic history of the movies, focusing on the trends, the sub-genres, the cultural and historical shifts, offering, in the process, the parallel story of America itself.

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