Staged Reading of Charlene Donaghy’s “The Quadroon and the Dove” at The Players Club

by Jon Hansen, Publisher on December 29, 2016

Charlene A. Donaghy

Charlene A. Donaghy

The staged reading of Charlene A. Donaghy’s The Quadroon and the Dove has just been announced. This great evening of theater takes place at The Players Club in New York on January 12 and 24, 2017.  Donaghy’s The Quadroon and the Dove is being presented by Madison Square Productions and Binder Casting and is being directed by William Brown. An amazing and talented ensemble of actors has been selected for this staged reading: Tiffany Rachelle Stewart as Clarice, Ken Barnett as Lucien, Ayana Workman as Juliette, Heather Alicia Simms as Ellie, Yaegel T. Welch as Charlie-Smith, and Lizan Mitchell as Sage-Femme.

Book cover for Charlene Donaghy's Bones of HomeThe Quadroon and the Dove was published as part of a collection of plays entitled The Bones of Home and Other Plays (Hansen Publishing Group, 2015). It’s a collection of historic plays complicated by Louisiana lore and offers a look at what remains the same and what has changed through the years. The historic plays resonate with struggles we continue to confront today, amid themes of race, gender, and power. Donaghy embraces her characters lives, complicated by choices between disparate worlds, with care and a hunger to explore. Her characters choices are about good and evil, hope and loss, faith and doubt and often involve a search for the meaning of home.

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